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1.2HP 25.6cc 25L Gasoline Powered Agricultural Knapsack Power Sprayer with High Pressure AS-768



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Item No. AS-768
Tank capacity: 25L
Out Power: 8L/Min
Working pressure: 15-25kg/cm2
Engine model: 1E34F/TU-26
Mixed fuel ratio: 1:25
power of engine: 1.2HP
Dischargeing Volume 25.6cc
Net weight: 9kgs
Measure: 42*35*64cm


  • Integrated chemical tank and fuel tank enable the machine to have small and compact configuration
  • The main construction of the machine adopts all-plastic structure, the whole machine is light in weight, corrosion-resistant and comfortable to carry.
  • The handle can be adjusted, convenient operation. With big bottom frame and low center of gravity, the machine has good stability.
  • Come with shoulder strap to operate in the farmland, it is very convenient
  •  It is widely used for disease prevention and pest control in large fields and orchards, it is also a good option for sanitation disinfection and prevention of epidemics in the city and countryside



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